Del Luvra is a contemporary ready-to-wear collection that focuses on unique and artfully designed minimal pieces. All of our pieces are designed and made in New York drawing inspiration from women, art, and all facets of design. Del Luvra is the home for uniquely designed womenswear that feels timeless yet fresh and designed in and for the 21st century women.

We pride ourselves in sustainable practices such as little to no waste of fabric, and a continuous effort to move in a more sustainable direction each season. Our collections and ideas continue to evolve while sticking to using luxe and quality materials and paying close attention to details. Keep up with us on Instagram.



Francess Metzger grew up with a fondness for art and creation. After years of focusing on fine art, she realized that she wanted to create art that people could wear. As a 2019 graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, during her matriculation, she spent her time working for companies such as LaQuan Smith, Urban Zen, Express, and Tommy Hilfiger. Upon graduation, she felt it was time to produce her own vision and Del Luvra was born.

Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the female body, interior design, and the multitude of perspective depicted in fine art. Most importantly, her inspiration from the strong women around her always weighs heavily on her vision for each collection.